Top 3 Advantages Of Corporate Uniforms

Have you noticed Steve Jobs wear the same black turtleneck and blue jeans every day at work? The reason is wearing the same dress save him from wasting valuable time in taking an insignificant decision. Several businesses in Australia like Komatsu Mining Corp, Rashays, and Perisher Blue Pty Ltd have introduced corporate uniforms to project professionalism and a distinct brand image, but many businesses are not aware that there are more advantages than they think such uniforms offer.

Apart from helping the employees in minimizing their time in choosing office wear in the morning rush hours, these uniforms also help the employees to work comfortably and safely. For example, all hospitals or clinics have a range of uniforms for their employees with different job titles like doctor, nurse, surgeon, lab assistant, and so on. Similarly, construction companies prefer to have high-visibility clothing as an employee uniform to ensure their safety. Before going into any further discussion, let us have a look at the top three advantages of corporate uniforms.

More collaborative environment

It is unfortunate but true that people judge others on basis of their clothes, skin color, social class, and so on. When a company introduces an employee uniform, everyone wears the same garment every day. In some companies, even senior and junior employees have the same uniform which promotes more acceptability of those who feel left out because of their choice of clothes or social standing. In short, an employee uniform builds a more collaborative work environment where there are minimal barriers to restrict an easy flow of dialogue between colleagues.

Enhanced productivity

Employees who are in uniform feel more confident and exhibit a greater sense of work responsibility. Also, because of a more collaborative environment as discussed earlier, mutual trust and respect develop among the employees which motivates them to work more efficiently. It has been proved in several studies that when employees work together to achieve a common goal, there is an increase in their overall productivity.

Brand awareness

When your client-facing employees are wearing their corporate uniform with your company logo screen printed or embroidered over the same, your brand is gaining visibility and that too without making any extra effort! Even when they are on a lunch break or are commuting to the office, your brand is gaining unprecedented exposure to potential customers or clients. So, brand awareness is one of the major takeaways of corporate uniforms, but at the same time, you must ensure that the uniform is perfect-fit for each of the employees. Oversized uniforms even with a brand name in bold letters will fail to draw the attention of any onlooker.

Based in Australia, Wear in Business is one such upscale online store where you can get the right kind of corporate uniforms that you are looking for your business. Whether you want chic shirts, tops, skirts, jackets, pants, polos, or scrub tops and tee-shirts, you can shop all under one roof. The company also offers screen printing and embroidery services so that you can have your business logo on your uniforms in a way you desire.

10 Reasons To Where Bamboo Clothing

More and more people are looking to purchase environmentally friendly clothing and as a result, bamboo clothing is one that immediately jumps out at you. You can buy all sorts of bamboo clothing from T-shirts and polo shirts to trousers and even boxer shorts. It is modern and stylish and when expertly manufactured, the items look fantastic and are certainly very durable.

Many people still question why you would want to wear bamboo fabric and if you haven’t tried it, that is a very reasonable question. However, here are 10 reasons why we think that you should give bamboo a try.

1. Incredibly Soft

It may surprise you but bamboo is in fact incredibly soft. Why would you bother to wear scratchy materials when you can wear something that feels to luxurious and soft? What’s more, it hypo-allergenic too so you don’t need to worry about any irritation.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly materials you could purchase. It requires very little water, it is 100% biodegradable and is grows at a rapid rate so is quickly replenished. This is the only material that is completely gentle on the planet.

3. Highly Absorbent

Bamboo is 40% more absorbent the even the finest cotton. This means that it wicks moisture away from the skin leaving you feeling cool and comfortable.

4. Suitable Regardless of the Weather

Bamboo is suitable for a range of temperatures. It will keep you cool during hot periods and warm during cooler ones. It is, therefore, an all year round item of clothing.

5. Retains its Shape

Bamboo doesn’t shrink when it is washed, unlike many other materials. It will still look great wash after wash so it can be frequently worn and still look as good as new.

6. Hard Wearing

This is an extremely durable material that is suitable for both casual and working clothes. It will fit well as mentioned but it is also designed to last. In won’t unravel and wearers can make the most of bamboo’s superb natural properties.

7. Easy Care

Bamboo clothing will not require frequent washing. However, when they do need cleaning it is very straightforward and very low maintenance. What more could you ask for?

8. Smells Good

Bamboo has been proven to reduce odour thanks to the natural anti-bacterial qualities of the bamboo fibres. So, regardless of how warm you get, you can still smell fresh for longer – certainly when compared to other inferior fabrics.

9. Lasting Colours

Bamboo requires far less dye than cotton but nevertheless, it showcases colour exceptionally well. You can really get enjoyment out of wearing attractive vibrant colours that will be long-lasting, just another of the benefits of this superior material.

10. It Looks Great!

All of our bamboo clothing is made from the highest quality bamboo fabrics which means that we can guarantee that you with will look smart and elegant when you walk into that office or meeting, if you are walking in the park or just relaxing at home.

How to Avoid Hat Hair While Donning A Beanie? 9 Tips

Is there anything cosier than a cashmere beanie? They are super comfortable and trendy to wear. However, there is only one downside – the flat & fizzy after effects, which can be annoying. So how can you avoid hat hair while putting on a stylish beanie? Fortunately, there’re many tips on how to keep your hair in prime condition without ruling out your favourite cashmere beanie. Seriously, there’re plenty of ways to add volume to flattened hair & smooth frizzed hair.

Whether you are wearing one to complement your stylish new ensemble or to combat chilled weather, beanies are just amazing. So, here are some super easy tips on how to keep the dreaded hair at bay while donning your favourite cashmere beanie in Berlin.

Ensure your hair is totally dry:

Yes, it’s quite tempting to put on a beanie over not-quite-dry hair on busy mornings. However, you better avoid such temptation because letting your hair dry & set underneath will only make your hat hair more stubborn.

Ensure your beanie fits:

The tighter your beanie, the worse the hat hair! Keep your intact by investing on loose-fitting beanies.

Be careful when choosing your beanie:

Apart from proper fitting you also need to consider the material of your beanie. A rough beanie will fizz up your hair more compared to a smoother one. This is why cashmere beanies are always the best picks.

Prep your hair:

A quick texturising or spritz spray before you put on your beanie will undoubtedly help in keeping your hair from looking too flattened.

Hairsprays can be a good addition:

Now, even if your beanie did produce some hat the situation can be reversible. A portable hairspray can be your best friend in such a case. Just flip your head upside down and spray away – you are all set ready.

A good salt spray is essential:

Wondering what else can revive your hair after being flattened by a beanie? What about putting on some good seal salt sprays or something identical?

Put some shine serum:

A shine serum or hydrating oil can help smooth your frizz unbelievably.

Try reversing your hair in a top knot:

Worried about adding too much stuff on your hair? Simply tie it up into a top knot for some time, and you will see significant volume in your hair.

Style your hair pre-beanie:

You are possibly wearing a beanie most of the time because you did not have time to sort out your hair worries. However, if you have a minute or two, styles like a loose low pony or loose braids go great with a beanie, and they will lessen hatas well. There’re lots of amazing that look great with beanies if you are seeking something a bit fancier.

So, these are some tips that you’d like to put into practice to avoid hat while putting on a beanie. Last but not least, to buy high-quality cashmere beanie in Berlin at a pocket-friendly price shop online rather offline.

5 Sizable Menswear Trends For Summers

Of course, many guys and men do not bother about their appearance. The main criterion for choosing their clothes is practicality. There are men who, besides a couple of business suits and home workouts, do not have other clothes. But it is very important to have clothes for every occasion and for every mood.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to receive more pleasure and enjoyment from life. If men need a lounge suit, then they should opt for a spectacular dress in CBD tailor. In addition, if you are a bachelor stylish wardrobe will help to attach extra attention to your person.

Three-Piece Suits

Three-piece suit is not replaceable and is not needed by everyone. At any important meeting should wear just a three-piece suit. Necessarily elegant, perfectly tailored on the figure, a three-piece suit is simply necessary. It is best not to be stingy to buy the most expensive of high-quality fabric and from a fashion designer: Dolce & Gabbana or Ralph Lauren, or order from your tailor like bespoke tailor, Sydney, according to your individual measurements.

Double Breasted Jacket

A jacket with two rows of buttons returns to the men’s fashion in 2019. Just do not forget that you need to zip up the jacket, as before with one button. Feel free to wear with a bespoke mens shirts , turtleneck, jeans. Summer men’s fashion always welcomes loose and light clothing. Of course, you need to take into account your physique in order not only to feel comfortable but also to look stylish.

Lace-Up Boots

And, finally, a little about shoes. Deserts, this is what is worth adding a wardrobe before the start of spring 2018. The most fashionable deserts are brown or grey, the material is natural suede or smooth leather. The bespoke suits sydney, is well-marked in the choice of suit and interlacing.


There is every chance that in a few years’ socks, as we know them, will go into deep vintage. If you think it sounds ridiculous or funny, realize that socks, as well as any other clothes, are subject to fashion trends and if the previous hose trends include colourful socks from Argyle, and short socks under the slipper, today’s trend is not to wear socks at all. Well, or at least partially not to wear. Invisible socks are a comfortable solution made of cotton elastane, which will prevent your Italian handmade sneakers from soaking with your harsh men’s feet.

Fashion Shirts

Summer men’s shirts are different from classic shirts, softer materials, and yet they do not necessarily have to be refilled. Pay attention to the material of manufacture, it is better to choose a cotton shirt, it is light and works as a heat reflector. With the help of a shirt, you can make a representative men’s fashionable bow in a relaxed style. A set of shirts and shorts or light pants will be a good solution for guys who know their own worth.

Bottom Line

Typically, fashion designers are trying to create free summer clothes. Although a man should feel comfortable, things should not hang on him. A strong floor should choose clothes of its size so that it goes around the figure and hides all its flaws.

A Detailed Look at Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are seasonless. What we mean by this, you can wear them at any time of the year. They are thin enough to be worn during the summer, especially during the evenings after sundown. In the winter they are equally effective considering how you can use them to stay warm. They work as an effective layer or you can wear them as stand-alone apparel with denim jeans, chinos, and even tailored trousers when they are in the right colour and style. The sweatshirt is usually the go-to choice for men who are looking to create effortless streetwear combinations mainly because they are so comfortable.

The sweatshirt started off life as technical apparel. It was created for American university football teams back in the 1950s as something to wear on the campus. The name of the university was proudly displayed on these sweatshirts. Like all things that are associated with athletes go on to become popular, the sweatshirt began to receive a healthy amount of traction as well. It wasn’t until the 1980s when the popularity of the sweatshirt began to skyrocket, with the growth of the hip hop culture. Today it is a very important part of the athleisure culture and is synonymous with great casual fashion.

  • Classic: The combination of white trainer shoes, denim jeans, mixed with a sweatshirt is an original combination. It is a style that has stood the test of time and is even popular today. This combination is also an effective way to show off the style quotient of your sweatshirt, especially if it has interesting logos and graphic designs. Simple yet effective, this combination works as streetwear, weekend wear and even as an outfit to a house party. You can add variations to this look by integrating a bomber jacket and a few accessories.
  • Dressed up: You can dress up the standard looks of a sweatshirt effectively and make it look smart. The only thing you need to remember here is to make sure that your sweatshirt is solid coloured and neat. Prints and smart apparel like tailored trousers and chinos usually do not complement each other. Mens sweatshirts in neutral colours such as grey, black, beige and even white are perfect for this look. Because sweatshirts closely mimic knitted pullovers, this look works flawlessly. Finish it by combining with brogues, desert boots or Chelsea boots. You can throw on a blazer or a bomber jacket on top.
  • Mix it up: We live today in times where the individuality of a style is appreciated. So let your hair down and try out different variations of the casual and smart casual combinations to truly create your own identity with a sweatshirt. A bomber jacket, shirts, chino trousers, denim jeans, tailored trousers, brogue shoes, Chelsea boots are the other items that you need when styling up a sweatshirt. Use the colour of the sweatshirt, its design and the prints on it to your advantage. You can also try something adventurous like pairing sweatshirts with eye catchy graphics with joggers and basketball or running shoes.

The sweatshirt has a lot of fashion mileage. Five or six of them in your wardrobe should see you dressing effortlessly for a wide variety of occasions.

Why do You Need Mens Nylon Underwear?

Have you tried any men’s underwear made out of nylon? You surely must have! Mens nylon underwear is one of the most popularly used fabric styles among modern men after cotton. Cotton is considered the best but eventually, for durability and stretch, they look up to nylon as the best fabric. In need of underwear for men that feel nothing when worn – try wearing nylon underwear for men. This article talks about the aspects of nylon fabric that makes the undergarments crafted out of the same so popular and worth wearing.

The fabric composition used to manufacture nylon underwear for men are imbibed with some character traits such as lightweight, breathable, absorbent and smooth texture which is widely preferred for comfort to the sensitive area. The perfect material to be worn every day or for special occasions; mens nylon underwear are available in a variety of colors, such as blue, green, red, yellow, etc. besides the normal black white and grey and prints, like leopard, tiger, cartoon characters, shapes etc., that it can match the chosen outfit for the day. Prices of mens nylon underwear vary on the amount of nylon used for production.

Mens nylon underwear might just be a fabric category, but there are various men’s underwear styles included in the same including men’s brief underwear , men’s bikini underwear, men’s thongs and also men’s boxer shorts. It is important to keep in mind that men need to purchase underwear of the right size for them to avoid complications and problems.

You need to invest in nylon underwear for men for the following reasons:

  • The comfort of the manhood to keep things dry and sweat-free
  • The sensuality of the smooth and exotic appeal of the fabric
  • The boldness of the different styles available in the category of mens nylon underwear.

Be it the briefs or boxer briefs, the apparel styles are comfortable and provide a pleasant feeling every time you slip into them especially in summers when you sweat heavily. It is made in order to absorb the sweat and keep you dry all day long. While traveling, it is always wise to have a few pairs of the respective fabric and you’ll not have the hassle of worrying about problems like chafing, comfort, absorbency and more. It is also flexible making it more comfortable when doing activities that involve too much moving around.

Sensuality is also a factor for wearing nylon pairs. The touch of the fabric’s soft texture on the package makes a man feel sexier. Most nylon underwear is see-through so wearing one offer on-lookers a tempting glance. Another reason to wear styles like briefs and boxer briefs in nylon is boldness. It does not only come with the typical black and white choice. The presence of other alternatives such as variety in colors and patterns of nylon briefs make men wear one every day. Variations make wearing these briefs more exciting since they would not be stuck with just fewer options. At the moment, wearing colorful and attractive undergarments has become a trend.

Make sure you never mess with nylon underwear for men because the category is meant to be loved rather than ignored.

The article talks about the reasons why you need to invest in mens nylon underwear.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows And How to Use Them

Changes in your body during pregnancy can affect the quality of your sleep. You may feel uncomfortable when sleeping your usual positions due to your expanding hips and your growing belly. The good news is that these issues can be resolved with the right pregnancy pillow, which will provide sufficient and comfortable cushioning to support your body’s changing. There are many types, including the U shaped pregnancy pillow, c shaped, and wedge. Here is a more detailed look at how these pillows work and how to use them:

  • U-shaped pillows – These are great if you like to sleep on your back or if you like straddling a pillow while asleep. To use one, place your head in the centre of the U and straddle your preferred side with your legs. This pillow may also be practical when you are breastfeeding, as it can support your baby during this time.
  • C shaped pillow – This will provide support to your legs, back, head, and tummy. The topmost part of the C serves as the headrest, as well as the base between your legs. Slide your back inside the curve of the C to ease pressure on your spine.
  • Pregnancy wedge pillow – This pillow is also called, ‘maternity cushion’, and it is the smallest compared to other pregnancy pillows. It slides under the back or tummy to provide support as you sleep. It can be a more versatile pillow than the C or U shaped pregnancy pillow because it can be used post-pregnancy.

The wedge pillow can be used in different positions, like beneath the tummy to support it as it grows so the weight is transferred from the back and hips to reduce discomfort. You can also use it behind your back if you want to sleep on your side, or place it under your regular pillow to raise your head slightly, which may be helpful when relieving heartburn and acid reflux. Unlike the U or C shaped pillow, the pregnancy wedge pillow comes in two different shapes: round, which resembles an almost filled in crescent moon, and triangular, which resembles a cheese wedge. The latter is more common. When choosing the right pregnancy pillow, consider a product that has a removable cover so you can keep it clean and hygienic. Be sure to check the materials used as filling as this can affect the pillow’s firmness and durability. You should also make sure that it does not smell like harmful chemicals and that the size is just right.

Sharp Dressing Tips For Men

Ever looked at a man who looks dapper and wondered how he does it? Sharp dressers never go unnoticed. The quality of their dressing enthrals their audience. A lot of people don’t show it, but everyone secretly admires a man who dresses up well. On a subconscious level the human brain is geared to take notice of well-groomed and dressed men. It is all in the details. But most importantly, it all lies in showing an interest in styling up.

A lot of men are just happy to live with outfits that are widely accepted social norms. They don’t dress badly, but they lack that little something that sharp dressers have. For example, you might wear three sets of suits to your office on a regular basis. What is going on here is that you are treating your suit like a costume. Something that you would wear because your office environment demands it because a suit is part of your dress code. If there was no dress code would your still continue wearing one?

Well it is a lot more complex than that. You see when you truly enjoy something, you begin to get good at it. Most sharp dressers actually care about what they look like in outfits that they have in their wardrobe, in vivid detail. Even if they don’t spend hours shopping, they are always informed about what they want from a particular attire and know how to wear it the best way possible. Most of us simply cannot be bothered to invest so much of our attention with the details. We just play by the rules and adopt a minimalistic approach to dressing well.

If you are looking to make that transition from a good dresser to a sharp dresser, here are some of the essentials that you need to consider:

  • Dress for Yourself: Spare a thought for all the apparels in your wardrobe. Think about the number of combinations that you can create with apparel, like a shirt for example. Is it ideal only for casual ensembles or is it smart enough for tailored trousers? When you think about your apparel in detail you will have a great idea of how to create combinations with them. Dress to look great at all times. Mainly, dress to look unique and sophisticated.
  • Don’t Make it a Costume: Don’t treat your outfits like they are costumes. A lot of us are guilty of this. Dapper looking formal apparel to work, but a sweatshirt and old denim jeans when out on the street. Sharp dressing should not be limited only to formal fashion.
  • Load up on Good Clothes: Maintain a versatile wardrobe. Your wardrobe should help you gear up effortlessly for a wide variety of dressing scenarios. For this you are going to need all the essentials, considering your lifestyle. It should also contain some essential dress pieces that you can use to create your own individual style.
  • Make no Compromise on Quality: Invest in good quality clothes even if they are expensive. They tend to last longer and look better longer than all the cheap apparel out there. Maintain a wardrobe full of quality clothing at all times. This will save you from the trouble of resorting to using apparel that shouts from the rooftops that you are using them well past when they were built to last.

Master The Art of Business CasualsMaster The Art of Business Casuals

It is said that business casuals were born in Silicon Valley sometime during the 1980s. As cutting-edge technology like the User Interface powered operating systems, personal computers and applications began to take shape business opportunities were beginning to form. The only difference was that these men, who were spearheading a technological trend that would transform the world forever were more focused on results than on process. This included attire as well. Something that was presentable and comfortable became the norm for these elite companies over business attire. It was in this manner that business casuals came into existence.

Today, business casuals have evolved into something different. Predominantly, business casuals are all about creating an individual identity. What this means is, office places have given the power to dress appropriately enough for the office to the employees. The key here is to ensure what is relevant and what is not, after all, the keyword here is “business.”

Here are primary points to remember when thinking business casuals:

  • Develop a New Approach: The idea behind business casuals is to pave way for some much-needed comfort which smart clothing allow very little of. So choose relaxed apparels like an unstructured blazer which are designed to pull off the ‘smart’ look without compromising on comfort. These blazers are roomy enough to let you wear a knitted pullover as well. Most importantly, they bode well with plain coloured denim jeans, tailored trousers and chino pants.
  • Learn to Dress Down: Just like a suit jacket may look too grand for wearing with business casuals, an Oxford shirt, specifically meant to be worn with a suit may look out of place with the dressed down look of tailored trousers and chino trousers. Try the smart looks of a soft collar button down shirt instead. Other items like Chambray shirts, polo shirts and even plain denim shirts match well with the look of an unstructured blazer and tailored trousers made of wool. Consider a full-fledged men’s suit and substitute individual components like the shirt and blazer with alternatives to dress down your style to master the business casuals look.
  • Turn Colours and Textures On and Off: The key to creating a great business casual ensemble is to keep things smart while also successfully introducing elements of casual clothing into your style. Put simply, make subtle changes that are noticeable. Swap your dress shirt for a plain white t-shirt or a polo shirt if you are wearing it with a blazer, tailored trousers and brogue shoes. This is a novel way of creating variations with your business casual style.
  • Introduce Workwear: Denim jeans are the most versatile men’s clothing apparel because of their ability to be a part of smart clothing and casual fashion. Black and blue denim jeans are your best friends if you are looking to add the effectiveness of denim jeans into your casual style. Plain and solid coloured jeans without any fades or patterns are always the best choice. They match the smartness of blazers on one end of the spectrum and compliment knitwear perfectly when you incorporate them into your ensemble.

The Modern Day Suit

The suit as we know it today can be traced back to its creator Beau Brummel who became the arbiter of fashion more than one hundred and fifty years ago. The dandy style of that era was later epitomised by artists such as David Bowie, Mark Bolan and Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music and became known as glam rock style. Many styles have evolved over the years, such as double breasted, three button, broad to narrow lapel and back again. However the basic structured and shape of the modern day suit has changed little over the past one hundred years. We’ve been locked into repetitive style cycles of the original concept for many decades. Currently the two button single breasted with a more tailored silhouette is standard, with the younger generation opting for what is known as bum freezer. In this case the jacket is cut very short at the base of the torso, trousers low rise, similar to the old fashioned hipster with stove pipe trouser legs to complete the look.

Suiting was first commercialised on Savile Row, the oldest and most famous of all tailoring precincts in the world. Tailors started doing business there around 1803. With Henry Poole credited for creating the very first dinner suit. It later became known as the Tuxedo, named after Tuxedo Park in New York State, an American Indian term meaning moving water. Kings, Princes wealthy industrialists, Hollywood movie stars and rock music stars carved a path to Savile Row spending millions of dollars on luxurious suits made from the finest Australian Marino Wool. In the early 60’s Tommy Nutter opened for business in the early 60’s financially backed by Cilla Black. He became famous for reinventing Savile Row. The first to have open window displays which caused some controversy, this practise was considered brash by old school tailor traditionalists who generally worked behind closed doors. Nutter dressed the Beatles for the famous Abbey Road album cover. Other clients include Mick Jagger, Bianca Jagger and Elton John.

Soon after Spencer Tracey passed away his long-time partner and confidant Catherine Hepburn travelled to Savile Row to pay a visit to the tailor that made Tracey’s suits. She ordered a pair of tailor made denim jeans and unintentionally gave birth to the dress jean trend of the 70s. Based on this innovation Richard James another contemporary of Savile Row tailored suits made of selvage Denim woven in Japan.

Renowned Italian woollen mill and suit maker Zegna have been buying the best super fine Marino wool from Australia since 1910. Apart from their ready-made off the peg apparel, they receive 60 to 80 special orders a year for suits that will set you back $34,000. Zegna are carrying on the Savile Row tradition using the finest quality cloth available.

The demand for bespoke suiting has declined dramatically over the past three decades. The range of cuts and price point available in department stores is a major contributor to the decline in sales on Savile Row, with many tailoring firms having to downsize and tap into the mainstream ready-made market. Now one can purchase an off the peg Italian made suit in super fine Marino wool for under $2,000.

The modern day suit survives, however fewer men tend to wear them, opting for a more casual style. Large accounting and law firms have taken the step away from tradition and for many suit and tie is no longer a standard dress requirement for the office. Is this a good thing? I think not; it demonstrates a lack of self-discipline and self -respect. Men are easily swayed by office peer group pressure and will generally follow the crowd. Those who choose to step out and dress up are the long term winners, so suit up.