Sharp Dressing Tips For Men

Ever looked at a man who looks dapper and wondered how he does it? Sharp dressers never go unnoticed. The quality of their dressing enthrals their audience. A lot of people don’t show it, but everyone secretly admires a man who dresses up well. On a subconscious level the human brain is geared to take notice of well-groomed and dressed men. It is all in the details. But most importantly, it all lies in showing an interest in styling up.

A lot of men are just happy to live with outfits that are widely accepted social norms. They don’t dress badly, but they lack that little something that sharp dressers have. For example, you might wear three sets of suits to your office on a regular basis. What is going on here is that you are treating your suit like a costume. Something that you would wear because your office environment demands it because a suit is part of your dress code. If there was no dress code would your still continue wearing one?

Well it is a lot more complex than that. You see when you truly enjoy something, you begin to get good at it. Most sharp dressers actually care about what they look like in outfits that they have in their wardrobe, in vivid detail. Even if they don’t spend hours shopping, they are always informed about what they want from a particular attire and know how to wear it the best way possible. Most of us simply cannot be bothered to invest so much of our attention with the details. We just play by the rules and adopt a minimalistic approach to dressing well.

If you are looking to make that transition from a good dresser to a sharp dresser, here are some of the essentials that you need to consider:

  • Dress for Yourself: Spare a thought for all the apparels in your wardrobe. Think about the number of combinations that you can create with apparel, like a shirt for example. Is it ideal only for casual ensembles or is it smart enough for tailored trousers? When you think about your apparel in detail you will have a great idea of how to create combinations with them. Dress to look great at all times. Mainly, dress to look unique and sophisticated.
  • Don’t Make it a Costume: Don’t treat your outfits like they are costumes. A lot of us are guilty of this. Dapper looking formal apparel to work, but a sweatshirt and old denim jeans when out on the street. Sharp dressing should not be limited only to formal fashion.
  • Load up on Good Clothes: Maintain a versatile wardrobe. Your wardrobe should help you gear up effortlessly for a wide variety of dressing scenarios. For this you are going to need all the essentials, considering your lifestyle. It should also contain some essential dress pieces that you can use to create your own individual style.
  • Make no Compromise on Quality: Invest in good quality clothes even if they are expensive. They tend to last longer and look better longer than all the cheap apparel out there. Maintain a wardrobe full of quality clothing at all times. This will save you from the trouble of resorting to using apparel that shouts from the rooftops that you are using them well past when they were built to last.


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