Types of Pregnancy Pillows And How to Use Them

Changes in your body during pregnancy can affect the quality of your sleep. You may feel uncomfortable when sleeping your usual positions due to your expanding hips and your growing belly. The good news is that these issues can be resolved with the right pregnancy pillow, which will provide sufficient and comfortable cushioning to support your body’s changing. There are many types, including the U shaped pregnancy pillow, c shaped, and wedge. Here is a more detailed look at how these pillows work and how to use them:

  • U-shaped pillows – These are great if you like to sleep on your back or if you like straddling a pillow while asleep. To use one, place your head in the centre of the U and straddle your preferred side with your legs. This pillow may also be practical when you are breastfeeding, as it can support your baby during this time.
  • C shaped pillow – This will provide support to your legs, back, head, and tummy. The topmost part of the C serves as the headrest, as well as the base between your legs. Slide your back inside the curve of the C to ease pressure on your spine.
  • Pregnancy wedge pillow – This pillow is also called, ‘maternity cushion’, and it is the smallest compared to other pregnancy pillows. It slides under the back or tummy to provide support as you sleep. It can be a more versatile pillow than the C or U shaped pregnancy pillow because it can be used post-pregnancy.

The wedge pillow can be used in different positions, like beneath the tummy to support it as it grows so the weight is transferred from the back and hips to reduce discomfort. You can also use it behind your back if you want to sleep on your side, or place it under your regular pillow to raise your head slightly, which may be helpful when relieving heartburn and acid reflux. Unlike the U or C shaped pillow, the pregnancy wedge pillow comes in two different shapes: round, which resembles an almost filled in crescent moon, and triangular, which resembles a cheese wedge. The latter is more common. When choosing the right pregnancy pillow, consider a product that has a removable cover so you can keep it clean and hygienic. Be sure to check the materials used as filling as this can affect the pillow’s firmness and durability. You should also make sure that it does not smell like harmful chemicals and that the size is just right.


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