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The latest runways are displaying a return to jewelry making a bold statement. Gone are the days of subtlety with lovely everyday pieces. Designers were all about taking risks and displayed bold colors, large statement-making shapes, and multiple pieces stacked together. These trends will translate to 2019 fashion.

Heavy Hoops

Hoop earrings are rarely out of style, but instead smaller thin hoops, designers are opting for chunky thick hoops, and the larger, the better. Designers are even adding half-moon or horseshoe-shaped hoops that are not a complete circle. Shop the style by choosing larger and thicker hoop earrings to draw attention to the face.

Colored Enamel

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings were all seen with bold colored enamel pieces. This trend began in the fall, and fortunately for those who have purchased pieces, the trend will continue this year. Playful colors and unique styles will continue in jewelry wardrobes.

Chain-Link Necklaces

Chain-link necklaces are nothing new, but just like with the hoops, chain-link necklaces are growing thicker and bulkier. Exaggerated shapes and exciting finishes have been seen on the latest runways. Chains and links of all sizes and shapes are showing up from fine jewelry designers. Another new trend is the thicker chain-link choker necklace.

Coins and More Coins

Coin necklaces have been trendy for a few seasons, but this year’s bulkier trend shows coin necklaces with more pieces piled on. Bracelets and earrings are also fabulous ways to display the trend for coin jewelry.

A Fantastic Charm

Charm jewelry has been around for ages but has been making a comeback. Individuals can truly make unique pieces since they can choose which charms to include. In addition to necklaces and bracelets, another new trend is to have charm-embellished belts.

Shopping the Trends

To follow the latest fashion trends, be bold in your selection. Select statement pieces and wear them proudly. While the current style is bold, chain-link and hoop pieces never seem to go out of style. Spend more on those timeless pieces, but be sure to add the fun too. To learn more about the latest jewelry trends or to try these trends, click here for more info.