Ask Yourself Where Do I Shop for the Perfect Dress?

Ask Yourself Where Do I Shop for the Perfect Dress?

Everyone woman has been through the experience of asking herself where do i shop for the perfect dress? A special occasion is fast approaching, and the desire is to look stunning, wear something not likely to be on any other guest and turn heads. That can be a family wedding, a high school reunion, an office holiday party, or a presentation. A massive weight loss, attending the same event as an ex-husband, or a blind date is also a qualifying occasion.


The answer can be as simple as the back of the closet. There may be dresses back there that have not seen the light of day in years. Do not discount these because they can be updated, altered to fit perfectly, or matched with the latest accessories to create that wow factor you are seeking. If a friend wears the same size, go over and raid her closet for hidden gems, a dress that may be a completely different style, or something that is a bit daring.

Another closet option is a vintage boutique if one in the town has survived the recent abundance of store closings. These are typically named things like the old closet, aunt Martha’s closet, or the treasure chest. This would present the opportunity to try on the dress before buying it. Pricing will be lower than full retail which presents the opportunity to get more dress for the money.


Online boutiques have seemed to appear overnight on the internet. There are thousands from which to choose. Selections and pricing will be such that anyone can find the perfect dress if there is enough time. This is not a last-minute option due to ordering and shipping time. Most items take at least five to seven business days and others can take longer.

The dress may arrive and require some alterations if the sizing is not quite right. Be sure to double check the sizing chart for the dress before placing an order. Sizes differ even on the same website. One manufacturer’s idea of a medium dress may be a size eight while another one considers a size ten or twelve as a medium.